Minetest Changes:

This is an up-to-date Minetest change-log for power users and developers.

If you'd like general news instead, click here. A text version of this file is provided in the build kits and also at this link.


1. Core engine changes:

        * All mods can use 64x64 skins now if minor tweaks are made
        * New game mode: Builder Mode

2. "_game" changes:

        * bike, 3d_armor - Add mods
        * bike, 3d_armor - Support both 64x32 and 64x64 skins
        * coderskins - New functions
        * darkage - New option switch (see below)
        * imageloader - Add mod
        * default - reduce cotton and wheat to 64x64 to prevent lag

To enable Builder's Mode, use either of the following settings:

        enable_builder = true
        enable_builders = true

The "darkage" ore mapgen rules now support three modes: default, Wonder World, and original.

Default and Wonder World modes generate fewer of the "darkage" ores. To enable the original rules, use:

        darkage_ore_rules = true

3. World changes:

        * Add Star Dome to Bucket City
        * Add schem pair and documentation for Star Dome
        * Update the Bucket City map
        * Improved header image (courtesy of Poikilos)
        * Replace some textures with Drummyfish versions

4. Site changes:

        * Improved font family (courtesy of Poikilos)
        * More background images


1. Binary packages:

        * Add a 64-bit Linux binaries ZIP file
        * Add "small" versions of Linux and Windows ZIP files

2. Core engine changes:

        * Change "shaders" default back to "true"
        * Port commit: Don't apply "slippery" when swimming
        * Sync statbars code with Old Minetest
        * Integrate some CSM fixes

3. "_game" changes:

        * default:ice - Adjust groups
        * default:ice - Register slabs and stairs
        * Add Cave Ice and "icesheet" biome
        * default - Bug fix that should improve speed

4. Build kits:

        * Linux: Improve "build" script (mtcompile-program.sh)
        * Linux: Add a cleanup script (mtcleanup-program.sh)
        * Linux: Document how to build a portable Linux package
        * Windows: Improve documentation

5. World changes:

        * Add Dyer's Guild to Bucket City
        * Add schem pair and documentation for Dyer's Guild
        * Update the Bucket City map

6. Other changes:

        * Disable another Irrlicht warning message


1. Core engine changes:

        * Add auto-jump feature. Enabled by default.
        * Add pitch-fly / pitch-swim. Toggled by the "L" key.
        * Other bug fixes and tweaks

2. "_game" changes:

        * "moreblocks": Lighting bug fix. See note below.
        * "nether": Don't convert existing stairs

"moreblocks" slabs made out of default nodes no longer propagate sunlight unless they're transparent.

3. Site changes:

        * Add a separate "CoderEdit" page
        * Add Bucket City schems ZIP file to Downloads
        * Add Bucket City Schems 04 page
        * Improve smartphone support

4. World and other changes:

        * Update Bucket City map
        * Update "schems" directory in Bucket City
        * Disable Irrlicht "interlace" warning message
        * Fix Windows MT "shaders" support


1. "_game" changes:

        ambience: Add mod (see notes below)
        castle_masonry: Add support for more mods
        facade: Simplify new code
        mychisel: Add mod

"ambience" is enabled by default. To disable it, use the following config-file setting:

        disable_ambience = true

2. Core-engine changes:

        * Add several bug fixes from Old Minetest
        * Disable non-fixable warning about "suitable paramtype2"


1. "_game" changes:

        codermobs: Reduce loading verbosity
        decorpack: Reduce loading verbosity
        default: Add "desert_sandstone"
        default: Fix "cold desert" biome parameters
        facade: Add support for more mods suggested by CaptPete
        fortune: Add mod
        nether: Add a fork (see notes below)
        ocblocks: Register a few nodes with "pkarcs"
        pkarcs: Fix some warnings
        technic: Fix some warnings

The Bucket Game version of "nether" provides "nether" materials and also live-portal code, but the latter is disabled unless the following config-file setting is used:

        enable_nether_portal = true

This is a fork of Poikilos's fork of upstream.

2. Site changes:

        * Added "Minetest Changes" page
        * Switched to pseudo-3D nav-buttons


1. "_game" changes:

        codermobs: Add cacodemon
        darkage: Support pkarcs
        decoblocs: Support pkarcs
        facade: Don't register bricks for nodes lacking them
        flowerpot: Skip some non-existent plants
        lapis: Support pkarcs
        moreblocks: Support pkarcs
        pkarcs: Update mod
        quartz: Support pkarcs
        xdecor: Support pkarcs. Also update mod.

2. World changes:

* Updated Bucket City to latest map.


1. Build-kit changes:

* The Linux build kit now supports a build-git mode in addition to the default build-kit mode. See "linux-build-kit.txt".

2. Added these Lua API calls to the core engine:

        Added minetest.is_area_protected
        Added minetest.is_player
        Added minetest.load_area

These additions should improve compatibility with newer mods.

3. Basic "mod" changes:

        compost: Updated. Added meta-info.
        flowerpot: Updated. Added meta-info. Patched to be portable.
        hopper: Added. Added meta-info.
        pkarcs: Added. Added meta-info.

        ehlphabet: Added git history and meta-info.
        facade: Updated. Merged CaptPete changes.

4. Other "_game" changes:

* CoderEdit now allows you to turn off some of the information messages that it produces by default. To do so, use this "world.conf" setting:

        disable_coderedit_verbose = true

* A minor bug in CoderEdit has been corrected.

* By default, "default:apple" is now disabled. It's superseded by CoderApple (coderfruit:apple).

Note: Since "default:apple" is a node and "coderfruit:apple" is a craftitem, the 1st can't be fully replaced by an alias to the 2nd. So, the 1st is turned off entirely so as to avoid Node Resolver error messages.

If you don't wish to use CoderFruit, or you wish to retain "default:apple" regardless, use this "world.conf" setting:

        enable_default_apple = true

* A player falling-damage sound has been added. Thanks to Slopsbucket for selection of the sound.


1. Site change: Set up a P2P Minetest server list. It can't be taken down by any single party.

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