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190222. The Minetest 5 fork puts grids of shadows in your world. Final Minetest fixed the issue months ago. You may wish to try the Test that's fast and works. But if you feel the need to use the one that's buggy and slow, more power to you.

190220. 3D Armor, a popular MT modpack, is limited to 64x32 skins but the Final Minetest release now works in 64x64-based worlds. Here's Hobbes ready to rumble in style in his diamond helmet, cactus chestplate, steel leggings, and mithril boots.

Old Minetest lacks support for 64x64 skins. Shrug.

190204. The #1 bug in Old Minetest's breaking-issues list was fixed in Final Minetest months ago. :-) See screenshot.

We'd like to encourage the Old Minetest group to keep at its efforts as practice and experience lead to skill.

190202. The Final Minetest server list is now P2P-based.

If you're a world host and you'd like to be on a server list, but you don't want to be locked-in to any one website, you can now use P2P to have it both ways.

This is a feature that Old Minetest won't offer you at any price.

The Old Minetest group uses its server list to maintain control of world hosts through fear of removal. In Final Minetest, if you set up a P2P list node, no single website can delete you from the list as a whole.

As a bonus, in your node, you can put your worlds at the top of the list. This deal is a steal.

190129. The Final Minetest website now provides its own Kiwi IRC client, including SSL. The link goes straight to live support, on duty several hours a day.

Rules are enforced, but the tone is professional as compared to the toxicity in Old MT Freenode channels.


Note: If you have a slow Internet connection, such as satellite, this IRC client may not work for you. We may add a lighter client to use in this case.

190127. WorldEdit in Old Minetest simply destroys buildings if you try to move them to non-mapgenned areas. CoderEdit in Final Minetest fixes the problem.

Final Minetest is the Minetest for world hosts and modders. It's the one that actually tries to preserve your work.

190127. The Final Minetest client connects to Old Minetest 0.4 worlds just fine. Here we see a session in Andrew Ward's Capture the Flag world. I'm told that Andrew was standing right there. Hi, Andy! :-)

Note the high FPS. Final MT delivers.

The release will be today.

190126. The Final Minetest server list is now online.

The list is responsive to device dimensions as shown in the screenshot. Both Final MT 5 and Old MT 0.4 worlds are supported. Instructions are on the page:


SSL is supported courtesy of Let's Encrypt.

190122. Final Minetest now supports both 2D and 3D torches by default. Not concurrently, but only a simple settings change is needed to choose one or the other.

Our controversial philosophy is that the concerns of creators related to compatibility and options do matter.

190120. This little structure would take 10 minutes to do in Old Minetest using the buggy More Blocks that doesn't support auto-orientation. Total time required in Final Minetest, which does offer the feature: 1 minute.

The public beta is coming in the next 8 days.

190106. For Minetest world hosts: The features list for Final Minetest is now online. The link is:

Check it out
There's no doubt
Take heed
It's the Test you need
Compatible and stable
Power is no fable
If cool you seeks
It's coming in 3 weeks

190106. Whale of an announcement: Final Minetest is expected to be released this month before Old Minetest 5 comes out.

Read the docs at the time. Final MT doesn't break your worlds. It's faster and adds major WorldEdit features, bug fixes, and a superior standard game.

190106. Final Minetest now supports a per-world settings file named “world.conf”. This solves a major problem in stand-alone mode. It's not clear why Old Minetest didn't have this years ago. Our suggestion is to add the feature.

Below: Slopsbucket inspects Wonder World.

181227. For Minetest people who dreams of free schems: Come 'n' get 'em. Added Deco Tower to the Bucket City set. One of the largest and highest quality MIT/X license #voxel #gamedev model collections in existence.

For details and ZIP-file download link:


181219. A Final Minetest gamedev song:

Mods, get your mods
Mods all day and all night
Mods of wonder
Mods of plunder
Mods to give people a fright

Download now
Don't eat a cow
Get your mods for the night

181208. Final Minetest now provides house saplings for use by homeless builders. Wield, plant, grow a home. Everybody deserves a home, don't they?

181017. Progress on Final Minetest. Fixed a schem load bug and a long-standing //set air lighting problem. This moribund gamedev project can be revived with the right fixes and has superior edutech potential as well. Screenshot below illustrates the schem load bug fix.

180826. I visited my Minetest gamedev world SkyDoom yesterday at the request of somebody who'd misplaced their house. I found the house and these happy creatures in the backyard.

Backyard in the clouds
Everything is alloweds
Creative is good
Monsters in the hood
My life is a test

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